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Take your payments into the future

Learn about the benefits of accepting Visa on Apple Pay.

How it works

Apple Pay gives your customers a simple, secure way to pay on the go.

Convenient and safe for customers

Make it easier for customers pay the way they choose.
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No additional transaction fees

Get started with Apple Pay without any transaction fees.
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Easy & secure acceptance

All you need is a contactless point of sale terminal and a participating payment provider.

Compliant with EMV standards

Apple Pay transactions use Visa Token Service and comply with October 2015 liability shift requirements.

More stores every day

Apple Pay lets customers use their iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and Apple Watch to pay at more than 1 million stores, including select store apps.

Participating banks

Visa cards is working with hundreds of financial institutions to bring Apple Pay to Visa cardholders.

Q + A

See the answers to frequently asked questions.

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